Europe is my home. Born in Portugal, I will always feel home whenever I travel to other mediterranean countries. I love the fact that we're able to travel so many countries and see so much diversity in such a short distance! Europe has a great diversity of countries, and it's the perfect continent for a railtrip. Cheap, short duration flights allow each european to travel for the price of a piece of clothing.
Beach destinations, stunning mountains, beautiful flower fields, green national parks, calm lakes and strong seas, large developed cities and  small colorful towns.
Europe is known for it's great Summer, and the diverse weather. From the freezing Iceland, to the warm atlantic coast, the never ending nights and days in Norway, the northern lights in the North and the beautiful blue sky almost all year at the South, the grey and rainy weather in the UK, and the snowy winters in the East European countries, the white houses and blue waters from Greece, to the colourful flower fields in the Netherlands, the Italian painted, colorful houses to the breathtaking German palaces.
And the European food? Don't know what's best, the food or the landscapes. Starting with the tasty, healthy and natural mediterranean food: the portuguese and spanish grilled fish and seafood dishes, the greek salads and oh... those delicious, carb loaded italian meals! The East European warm soups are also a must try. The famous, delicious, puff pasteries: the french pain au chocolat and croissants, the austrian apple strudle and the portuguese pastel de nata. And finally, in case you fancy cuisine from other parts of the world, you can find a sushi restaurant in every corner, and plenty of variety in the big cities.
Oh Europe, you definitely have my heart ♥

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