This bucket list is constantly under development. Life is short, and there is so much I would love to do. No matter how much of these I ...

This bucket list is constantly under development. Life is short, and there is so much I would love to do. No matter how much of these I will tick off the list, I'll still be grateful to God for all of my achievements when the big day comes.

Things to learn/skills to acquire

  • Being able to speak fluent Japanese
  • Being able to properly use a street surfing board and roller skates

Experiences to live/things to do

  • Go on my first meet up event
  • Experience one of the following: skydiving, paragliding, hand-gliding
  • Host more people on Couchsurfing
  • Being self-employed, having my own business
  • Being able to travel more than 3x a year
  • Write my own book (life through the eyes of), storyteller (travel+CS)

Things to have

  • My own house
  • A dog
  • Kids

Places to visit


  • South Afrida
    | Cape Town
    | Sun City


  • China
    | Beijing (Temple of Heaven, Jingshan Park East Gate)
    | Great wall of China
    | Guilin (Yangshuo and Wu Zi Hill, LongSheng and Longji rice terraces)
    | Guizhou (Fanjingshan, Zhenyuan - Venice of the Orient, Zhaoxing dong village, Xingyi castle by the Wanfeng Lake, Malinghe River Canyon Scenic Area, Guiyang, Getu River National Park and it's Spider Men Cave)
    | Hangzhou (West Lake, Leifeng Pagoda)
    | Harbin ice festival
    | Huangshan Mountain (Yellow Mountain)
    | Leshan Giant Buddha
    | Shanghai (Yu Garden)
    | Suzhou, Jiangsu ("Venice of the East")
    | Xingping, Guangxi
    | Yunnan (Lijiang, Canola flower fields in Luoping, Heye village, Jiulong waterfalls, Puzhehei, Hmong village, Shaxi village, Yubeng tibetan village)
    | Zhangjiajie National Forest Park (Tianmen Mountain, The Avatar Park At Halleluya Mountain)
    | Zhangye
    | Extras: Chongqing Luohan Temple
  • Hong Kong and Macau
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
    | Mount Nemrut, Turkey
  • Vietnam


  • Austria
    | Berchtesgaden National Park
    | Gosauseen
    | Grüner See (underwater park)
    | Hallstatt
    | Olperer Hütte
    | Lechtal Alps
    | Lunersee
    | Salzburg
    | Schesaplana
    | Tyrol (Traualpsee, Zireiner See)
    | Extra:  Almsee, Lake Fuschlsee, Salzkammergut Mountains, Heiterwanger See lake, Hintersteiner See lake, Karwendel National Park, High Tauern National Park, Lake Vermuntstausee, Kalkalpen National Park, Gesäuse National Park, Plansee lake, Speicher Durlaßboden, Grundlsee, Krimml waterfalls and Krimmler Ache river
  • Croatia
  • France
  • Germany
    | Berchtesgaden Alps
  • Iceland
  • Italy
    | Positano
    | Venice and Burano
  • Malta
  • Norway


  • Mexico

Lifetime trip experiences

  • Travel through Asia (China, North and South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand) 
  • Interrail around Europe
  • Transiberian railway (Russia, Mongolia, China)
  • Roadtrip around Portugal
  • Roadtrip around Iceland (take II)
  • Trip around Poland once more ♥
  • Go on a trip to discover lesser known places (Brasil locations, Angola, Poland locations)
  • Go on a trip to discover as much as possible of each country
  • Forests (Amazon, New Guinea...): by land, by drone, by helicopter
  • Trip to all the Venices around the world
  • Backpacking and hitchhiking trip
  • Go on a trip to discover tree houses, boat houses, bus houses and container houses
  • Theme custom  travel
  • Fantasy custom travel
  • Better world travel (homeless stories and dreams |  food giveaway | hand out messages )
  • Whole month of hosting

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