THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE VISITING VENICE Photography and touristic spots - The most quiet, beautiful spots are not on a trivel gui...

Photography and touristic spots
- The most quiet, beautiful spots are not on a trivel guide. Get lost in Venice, and you will find beautiful corners full of tranquility, pretty bridges and narrow canals. Seat somewhere to admire the calm in that crowded free area, and the gondolas passing by silently.
- The most popular touristic atractions are in Sr Mark's Square, and so, the closer you get to the square, the more people you will start to see. This area of Venice can become over crowded, meaning that if you really want to see the beauty of this place without having people and cameras everywhere, you will have to get there early morning or late at night.  Rialto Bridge is another well known mark in Venice.
- The further you walk from St Mark's Square, the less crowded the streets become. Areas like Dorsoduro and Canareggio are quieter areas and great choices for those who want to stay away from the crowds.
- Looking for the perfect time to take your pictures? Then sunset is your answer! If you can, go to the Rialto Bridge for that sunset looking view of Venice, or book your gondola/waterbus trip to see the town at its best! Early mornings are perfect for pictures too, as there's not many people around!
- You should not miss the islands. There are 3 of them (Murano, Torcello and Burano), and they are accessible via the waterbus Vaporetto . Burano is a small fishing village where you will be amazed by it's pretty colourful houses and great seafood restaurants. If the time is limited, Burano should be your choice. Torcello it's a more quiet and rural island, with a very old Cathedral (625AC) and beautiful mosaics on the walls. It's worthy to see if you actually know what you're seing (look at the story behind the cathedral and island and if you like rural places). Murano it's a famous place for it's glass blowing factories, the Murano Glass Museum and very pricey glass products, being this the only attraction in the island. Each island can be easily seen in about 1/2 hours, and depending on your interested, you might choose wich to visit, if not all.
- Ca' Dario is a palace with a macabre history. Every owner of this building has come to a tragic end (bankruptcy, suicide and murder). This palace was build in the 15th century by Giovanni Dario, who left the house for his daughter and her husband after his death. After a short time, her husband lost all of his possessions and was stabbed to death, which made her commit suicide at the Canal Grande. Not only that, their son was also killed later by unknown assassins while doing business in Creta. After almost two centuries of an empty house due to it's curse, a descendent of Giovanni daughter's husband (the first "victim" of the palace) rebuilt the house and solt it to a rich gentlement, who died hungy and poor after losing all of his wealth, not long after buying the house. But that's not all... the next owners were three homossexuals: Rawdon Brown, and Englishman who had to sold the palace 4 years later due to lack of funds, and commited suicide within a year; Charles Briggs, an American multimilionaire who bough the palace for him and his partner, who commited suicide few months later; and Filippo Giorgano delle Lanze, who was killed by his boyfriend shortly after, who in turn, was murdered in London. After this three owners, others bough it, suffered bankruptcy, and commited suicide (Fabrizio Ferrari, Raul Gardini). Christopher "Kit" Lamber was also killed in London few years after buying the palace.
There are stories of other people who faced the curse when they related themselves somehow with this building: Mario del Monaco had a car accident on his way to Venice to buy the palace, and he decided to withdraw his offer afterwards. A French poet named Henry De Regnier died of illness shortly after his trip to Venice, where he wrote a poem at Ca' Dario. John Entwistle suffered a heart attack a week after renting the palace.
Because of it's history, the palace has struggled to find a new owner after the loss of possesions and/or death of the previous ones. People have different beliefs about the cause of curse: one being in the fact that the house was build on an ancient templar cemetery, or the anagram of the latin ground floor inscription meaning that "ruin will be placed upon those living in this house".
Having goosebumps and cold chills? Me too. You should definitely visit Venice and maybe see Ca' Dario at distance from a waterbus, but don't attempt to buy it, unless you want to have your name written amongst other corageous and unsupersticious fellows.

Budget and costs of attractions
- Have lots of money to spend? Then Venice is definitely your place. From very pricey glass blowing, to fees for music playing while having your coffe (yes, you might get a 6€ extra fee for the music played at the coffe shop!), Venice invites many tourists on a short budget to stay away from museums and other attractions due to it's high entry fees.
- Venice has a great quantity of museums and art galleries. But if this is your thing, be prepared to leave a minumum of 10€ at the door of each building. This can go up to 25€ of entry fee.
- When booking a 30min gondola tour, you have 2 different options: going on a tour with other people (4 to 6 people, ranging between 30€-40€ per person - sometimes you can find good deals for 25€) or renting a gondola by yourself (80€). So if you're more than 2 people, it'll be definitely worthy to rent a gondola, without having too many people around.
- Waterbus tickets are €7.50. However, you can buy a Daily ACTV Travel Card (also called tourist travel card), giving you unlimited waterbus rides, and covering buses and trams serving Venice and the islands - not trains. You will find a 24h ticket for 20€, 48h for 30€ and 72h for 40€. This is definitely a good price if you're visiting the islands and using waterbus in Venice. Just make sure you validate your ticket on each trip to avoid getting fined, as this happens quite often. This can be done on white validators, holding the card until you hear a beep, and see a green light. The ACTV Travel Cards can be bought online at VeneziaUnica website and collected in one of the Venezia Unica ticket machines (look online to see where you can find them). All of the waterbus routes and timetables are available on visit-venice-italy website.
- If you like to reach the highest point every time you visit a town, you will probaly want to climb St Mark's Campanile, until you see a fee of 13€ and maybe an hour of waiting time. You might have heard about this before, and so you try to go online and pay in advance for your entry, but then you read about the extra 5€ for speedy entrance, which means 18€ to have panoramic views over Venice. Forget that. In San Giorgio Maggiore, you can pay a small fee of 5€, reach the top of the bell tower by elevator and have incredible views (gess what?) of the actual main area of Venice, including St. Mark's Campanile.

Random stuff
- There will be pidgeons everywhere. And I mean it. EVERYWHERE. So if you are not a big fan of birds, be prepared!


A) Get lost in Venice!

B) St. Mark's Square (Piazza San Marco)
Most touristic and crowded area in all Venice
- St. Mark's Campanile
- St Mark's Basilica (Basilica di San Marco)
- The Clock Tower (Torre dell'Orologio)
- Doge's Palace (Palazzo Ducale)
- Bridge of Sighs
- Caffe Florian (oldest coffe shop in Italy)
- Correr Museum
- Scala Contarini del Bovolo

C) Dorsoduro
- Pont de l'Académie
- Palazzo Dario (haunted, cursed palace)
- Sestiere di Dorsoduro
- Fondamenta Salute
- Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute
- Zattere Promenade

D) Canareggio
Crowd free area
- Fondamenta Cannaregio
- Ponte de Chiodo (only bridge in Venice without a parapet)
- Rialto Bridge
- Boutique del Gelato

E) See the Grand Canal on a gondola or waterbus (line 1 or 2)

F) Giudecca and San Giorgio Maggiore - opposite to St Mark's Square
- San Giorgio Maggiore Church and Tower Bell

G) Lido

H) Three small island (Burano, Murano and Torcello)

The spots you see everywhere
- Burano (one of the most intagrammable spots ever. Colorful houses everywhere!)
- Riva degli Schiavoni (one of the most popular views at sunset with aligned gondolas and a great view in the back)
- views from Rialto Bridge and Pont de l'Académie
- St Mark's Square after rain (reflections) and early mornings (empty)
- Bridge of sighs

The less popular spots
- interiors of Doge's Palace
- islands opposite to Venice: Giudecca and Sant Giorgio MAggiore
- Fondamenta Salute Street (in Dorsoduro)
- Fondamenta Cannaregio
- San Giorgio Maggiore Tower bell (for panoramic views over Venice)
- Scala Contarini del Bovolo (7€)

We flee to Venice with Ryanair, to Venice Treviso on a short weekend trip (28th to 29th April 2018).
From there, you can catch two different buses: Barzi Bus service (40min to Tronchetto, more walking, but arriving earlier) and AVTO, 1h10 to Piazzale Roma (which is more convenient in terms of location, but also takes a lot more time). Payment is £12/ticket or £22 return. There are discounts available if you buy more than 2 tickets.
We ended up going with Barzi Bus as their timetable was more convenient with our flight time.

Our first day was mainly to see the best attractions around Venice.
We were only in Venice for two days and we wanted to enjoy the surroundings more than the indoors, so we did not see any museum or art gallery (Museo Correr, Gallerie dell'Accademia, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Punta della Dogana, Scuola Grande di San Roccoetc.), palaces (Ca' d'Oro, Ca' Rezzonico, Ca' Pesaro, Palazzo Grassi) or theatre (Teatro La Fenice). On top of that, every entrance fee was around 10-20€, which made it even easier our decision to enjoy the outdoors of Venice.

We arrived at Venice airport around 9:30am, and somehow managed to take the 9:50 coach, arriving at Tronchetto by 10:30.
Since we wanted to wonder around this beautiful town, and we still had quite a lot of time until our gondola tour, we walked from Tronchetto (where our coach left us) to a crowd free region, Canareggio, where we browsed along the Fondamenta Cannaregio and visited the Ponte de Chiodo, the only bridge in Venice without a parapet. On our way to Castello, we passed by one of the most famous sites in Venice, Rialto Bridge (Ponte di Rialto) and a very very famous ice cream shop called Boutique del Gelato.
From Castello, we passed through Riva degli Schiavoni and the famous Bridge of Sighs while heating to St. Mark's Square, the most turistic and crowded are in Venice.

At St Mark's Square, there'se many attractions: St Mark's Campanile (which cost 13€ to go up and have panoramic views of the city, after a massive que - we decide to skip that), St Mark's Basilica (Basilica di San Marco - 3€ entry fee), Doge's Palace (Palazzo Ducale - entry fee of 20€, which we didn't pay for since we were on a short budget this weekend, eheheh), The Clock Tower (Torre dell'Orologio), Caffe Florian (oldest coffe shop in Italy) and Correr Museum (another 20€ so we skipped). Scala Contarini del Bovolo is not far from St. Mark's Square offering great views to the town from the top of this beautiful spiral staircase.

At 4pm, we met at Santa Maria del Giglio to start our 30min Gondola tour.

After that, we headed to Dordosuro area, crossing the Pont de l'Académie (great view over the bridge!) and walked towards Sestiere di Dorsoduro for a calm walk along the beautiful Fondamenta Salute street, passing by the cursed Palazzo Dario and visiting the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute. From there, we walked back and south to Zattere promenade and got lost once more along the cannals and beautiful streets.
At Zattere, we colleced our 24h ACTV Travel Card that we bough online at one of the Venezia Unica ticket machines, and took the line 2 water bus towards the opposite site of the town: Giudecca (Palanca stop) and went for a short walk towards Redentore stop, where we took the line 2 once again to stop at San Giorgio Maggiore. This tiny island was the perfect spot for pictures: there were stunning views to Venice from the ground, and the tower bell at San Giorgio Maggiore church was not only super cheap (3€ entry fee), but offered amazing panoramic views to St Mark's square from above, and you get there by evelator (no climbing after all of this hours walking around)!

Since the day was very long and we were tired of all this hours walking around, we took the line 2 waterbus to have a long ride around Venice, from San Giorgio Maggiore, passing Giudecca again, Tronchetto and the Grand Canal, the most famous canal in town, and where you can see many iconic marks such as (Ca' Rezzonico, Ca' d'Oro). Sunset was around 8pm, which is the best time for shooting in Venice, so we had to stop by Rialto Bridge for some more pictures, ehehe

Already dying, we took a bus to the house of our couchsurfer from Corsia B7 at Piazalle Roma (20:55, 21:30, 22:10, 23:00) leaving at Oriago Centro and had dinner together.

To access and save this map for your travel, click here.

Day 2
Since I really really wanted to see the St Mark's Square empty, Bridge of Sighs and Riva degli Schiavoni at sunrise (beautiful!!), I decided to be brave and wake up super early in the morning :) I caought the bus at 05:08am, arriving at 05:32at at Piazalle Roma. 25min of walking and, tchadaaaa!

On our day 2, we've decided to visit the islands around Venice, accessible via waterbus (vaporetto). Since we did not have much interested for the glass blowing, and we were in Venice for a short trip, we decided to skip Murano island, and visited Burano and Torcello instead.
We still had our tourist travel card of 24h which covered all of our trips.

Once Joel met us, we walked all the way to Fondamente Nove, where we would catch the waterbus line 12 to Burano. Before the waterbus arrived, we admired the flooting cemetery at the San Michele island (Isola di San Michele).
Within one 1h, we reached Burano. We instantly fell in love with the small bridges and colourful houses.
From Burano to Torcello, we took the line 9, that connects both islands. At Torcello, we admired the old cathedral and the mosaic walls. Torcello used to be home for many people, while now only about 30 people leave in there, so it can feel a bit spoky to walk there by yourself.

When we came back, we decided to take our last waterbus trip on the line 4.2, from Fondamente Nove, around the island.

The didn't have time to see the Lido.

At the end of the day, by the sunset, we collected our card and took the water bus (line 10) from San Marco to the Lido (quickest tour), stayed there for a while, took the line 20 to come back to San Zaccaria

- print
- couch tickets
- check in

Hey Listen, Check AO hostel in mestre (13 min from Venice). Its really cheap. Around 10 euros per night and is super amazing. But its not the only option, just try hostelworld app or and you may find even cheaper :)

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