1) Any chance I can have a menu under destinations and travel tips like the "megamenu" in this website:  http://demo.oddthemes.com...

1) Any chance I can have a menu under destinations and travel tips like the "megamenu" in this website: http://demo.oddthemes.com/?theme=Filmax&utm_source=Customers+list+purchased&utm_campaign=f015ddd9f6-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_05_21_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_5f98e44a14-f015ddd9f6-248148881

2) Delete the sharing bottoms on a specific page/post
What code can I add on to a page or post to make the sharing bottoms disappear only on that page/post?

I am aware that there are a lot of problems to fix in the galleries, and a lot of posts where I used theses galleries. I would like to ask you how much you will charge me for fixing ALL the problems but only chance the code to the correct one on the "Gallery" page, and how much you would charge to fix the problem in EVERY post. If I can afford it, I would like to have your help to fix it in every post. Otherwise, I will redo everything myself.

After fixing the problems on the posts mentioned below, can we apply the necessary changes on to the "galleries" page please?

3.1) Arrows not working: ERROR
I didn't noticed this problem when you created the page with the galleries, but this never worked.
3.2) Can we allow these slideshows to swipe to the side instead of just using the arrows? Most of the sliders on my blog are like that, so these ones should be the same
3.3) The width of the slideshow is responsive to the page which is great, but the height is variable according to the height of the picture, which makes things complicated when you have vertical and horizontal pictures in the same slideshow. Can we please adjust the height of the slideshow to be the same across all pictures? It looks great with the same height as the horizontal pictures, if that's worth something.
3.4) By doing that, vertical pictures will be smaller in the slideshow. I have few slideshows with small pictures where they don't have the same size as the page, and they're aligned to the left. Can you also add a code so that all pictures are aligned at the center?
(These are the ones that are aligned to the left due to low quality:
https://www.danielazziptrips.com/2008/08/dias-com-lia.html (all 4 slideshows)
3.5) Can we resize the thumbnails all to the same size, so it looks nice? Vertical and horizontal pictures look completely different, and if one image is longer than another, the thumbnails will look differently too (the width of the thumbnail is always the same, but not the height). Also, if I have less than 6 thumbnails, they don't stretch to the size of the gallery. Any chance we can make the thumbnails responsive to the size of the gallery?

Having in mind all the problems I mentioned above, please correct the following ones and adjust the code in the "galleries" page:
https://www.danielazziptrips.com/2009/05/escaladaslideimpecabel-d.html (on this one, the arrows are even placed in a weird location)
https://www.danielazziptrips.com/2008/08/dias-com-lia.html (all 4 of them, plus: it is only showing one. As I said last time, sometimes having the same slideshow/gallery in the same post doesn't work quite well. The slideshow didn't. Could you have a look at this and change the code in the page please?)

Can we have a clickable image gallery as well please? Without the captions.
Please add this to the "galleries" page under "Grid Image Gallery".

5.1) Centered responsive image grid - at the moment, the grids are aligned to the left. You won't notice this if there are 4 columns, but its clear when we have less. Can we please align the grids in the following posts in the center?
Once you correct the following pages, can you please add ANOTHER Responsive Image Grid onto the "Galleries" Page under the one you created last time, with only 3 columns, aligned at the center of the page please? You can call it "Centered Responsive Image Grid".

5.2) Stretched out responsive image grid. Currently the images are quite small. The grid matches the size of the page perfectly if I use 4 columns, but not if I use less than that. Is it possible to make this stretch to the size of the page regardless of how many columns the grid had? Please add the appropriate code to the grid you first created in the "galleries" page.

5.3) Can we please have a  one line grid where all the pictures have the same height and are stretched to the page? I used the responsive image grid to create a one line grid. However, since the original files don't have the same height and this is not stretching to the page as I mentioned on the previous point, they seem quite off.
Could you please fix the grids on the following posts (correct their height to be the same and stretch this to the size of the page), and create another grid to the "galleries" page named "One line stretched grid" under "responsive image grid" please?
https://www.danielazziptrips.com/2011/04/accao-de-formacao-em-desportos-nauticos.html (2nd grid)
https://www.danielazziptrips.com/2012/04/acre-2012-o-deprimente.html (all 3 image grids)
* * https://www.danielazziptrips.com/2010/04/dias-de-borga-lisboaaa.html (1st grid)

5.4) Finally, having in mind the 5.1 and 5.3, can we have a one line centered grid? This will be aligned at the center (not stretched), but with all the pictures having an uniform height like on 5.3. Please could you fix the following posts and add a last grid to the galleries page: "one line grid centered"
https://www.danielazziptrips.com/2011/04/accao-de-formacao-em-desportos-nauticos.html (1st grid)

(There will be 4 different grids on the "Galleries" Page: the centered grid, the responsive stretched grid, the one line stretched grid and the one line centered grid).
To correct on the posts: centered (5.1) + one line stretched (5.3) + one line centered (5.4)

5.5) Specific width column responsive image grid - the first column on the left would be ideally larger and the other ones smaller (to fit in the page). Please have a look at the bottom of the page to have an example. No need to add this to the "Galleries" page.
https://www.danielazziptrips.com/2010/04/dias-de-borga-lisboaaa.html (2nd grid)


6) Posts with google maps HTML are not mobile friendly. What can I add to the Google Maps code to make it responsive to the size of the device?
It basically stretches the pages, so on mobile you can't even read the text of the post!

7) There is no message on the pages without posts to show. Any chance we can add this? For example: there are no posts to show you under these label

8) For some reason, some posts on "Pathfinders" label page are not showing their images, even though they have images to show.
https://www.danielazziptrips.com/search/label/Pathfinders (second post on first page)
https://www.danielazziptrips.com/2012/09/impacto-2012-i-pray-vila-real-de-sto.html (this post is also not showing the images in the label post)
https://www.danielazziptrips.com/search/label/Pathfinders?updated-max=2009-08-30T13:24:00%2B01:00&max-results=20&start=19&by-date=false (another 3 posts are not showing their images in this page)


**Subdomains em condicoes - mudar o domain away from WIX (mandar lhe email a fazer enquiry. É mais barato, e eu vou ser capaz de colocar o training.danielazzip.com. Provavelmente fazer isto só quando sair de inglaterra (?) or maybe not. O www.danielazzip.com vai continuara funcionar contando que eu tenha a pagina inicial onde a pessoa escolhe o que quer

**Adicionar foto à Bucketlist
**Escrever bucketlist
**Escrever private bucketlist
**Primeiro recent post sem ser labelled travel (para nao aparecer na home page mas aparecer no slideshow) a contar a minha historia sobre mim - ter deixado o meu pais para conhecer o mundo, a minha experiencia com o couchsurfing e viagem de erasmus

**Começar a escrever posts (um para cada localização pelo menos!)
**Makes images unclickable
**Couchsurfing posts:
- my experience
- people I stayed with + people I hosted (like https://leaving-the-comfort.zone/blog/)
**Add couchsurfing on top menu
**Privacy policy and terms and conditions
**Editar pagina Trips no FB
**Páginas para os continentes: colocar o mapa que está na pagina de MAPA na pagina da europa e com cores diferentes
**Páginas para cada pais (bandeira, informacao, mapa com o pais, hashtag feed, all posts)
**Criar uma conta diferente para fazer repost das fotos que gosto de outras pessoas, colocar hashtags dos sitios e uzar o lightwidget para fazer widgets de fotos bonitas dos sitios em questão.

NO RUSH (Travel Tips, Photography)
*Adicionar "Travel tips" no menu de cima e no be baixo
*Adicionar "Photography" no menu de cima
*Criar a minha pagina de fotografia
*Criar store para fotografia WIX
*Criar página FB para fotografia

** Amazon influencer
**Contactar brands para colaborar (https://www.melyssagriffin.com/how-to-work-with-brands-as-a-blogger/)
2) Mapa do site (?)
3) If you need


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