Enchanted Woodland (Syon Park)

This was definitely one of the most magical moments I had this winter time in London, and I was surprised to discover that not many people...

This was definitely one of the most magical moments I had this winter time in London, and I was surprised to discover that not many people know about this beautiful gem, only 40min away from the centre. This place has hosted many marriages and so, some Londoners might have a clue of what you're talking about if you show them a picture of Syon House, eheheh

 Basically, after my research about winter/christmas events in/around London, I was excited particularly about going to this place. It was cheap (£10) compared to other similar events, and on top of that, I always wanted to go there at day time, but never went.
So... after waiting for my friend who got trapped for an hour in Oxford Street due to a false alarm of a "terrorist attack" (aparently someone heard/saw a man with a gun, and created a massive panic inside of Oxford Circus Station. Funny or not, my mum texted me saying that in Portugal they heard in the news that there was a false alarm of a bomb in the station. Whaaaaaat?), we met at Clapham Junction to take the train to Syon Lane. 
After losing lots of time since the anouncement board was not updated and no one whould understand when the trains would arrive, we finally got our train. Once we arrived at station, we had only 7min to get to the park. And believe me, getting there in 7min if you are visiting for the first time and you are using google map directions as a guide, it's quite impossible.
Basically Google Maps send you through the cars route, which is basically walking on the outside of the park, all the way to the entrance on the oposite side of the station, and then walk back to get to the entrance which is on the side of the station. 
So, if you are planning to visit the Enchanted Woodland, I would highly recomend you to allow extra time for your journey (specially if you are walking. There is a bit of traffic along the entrance for cars as well, so even if driving you should consider arriving a bit earlier), and use the google maps to check the routes, but not to follow its recomendations.
The last entry is at 8pm as the visit is about an hour walk around the park, and so, since the lights go off at 9pm, they do not allow people to enter after that time. On top of that, if you choose to get there by 8pm or just a bit before, you will have a couple of staff members pushing you to walk faster, as you get distracted with the atractions, want to take pictures, etc., and then you don't have enought time for everything.

Since we really wanted to get in and we realized that we wouldn't make it on time, we ran desperately along the park, trying to find the entrance to the park and to the Enchanted Woodland. On our way to the entrance, my dinner fell off the bag and got spread all over the floor 😅😅(it was basically the first time I would try food from Island Poké! *cry* ) But well... After running all the way to the entrance, we finally made it. Few minutes after 8, but they still allowed us to enter. Ufa!
Right. Now less about our trip, and more about the place.
This is a Christmassy event that has been organized in the last years during November. Unfortunately is a short-term event that happens only for about 3 weeks, and so, tickets get sold quickly and people don't get the chance to visit that often, specially when you live in London and weeks pass by so quickly you don't even know at which week/month you are currently at.
You will enjoy a magical walk around the park, filled with colorful trees and lakes, big dragons and dragonflies, enchanted sites and lots of different fun places to take pictures. There is background music and sounds, which makes the place a perfect place to feel this Christmas atmosphere. The visit it's about 1mile (1h), and finish with a fantastic display of lights and music at the Syon House.
Obviously you will find at the end a warm-place to enjoy a hot meal or drink, and there should be some souvenirs too (we were too late to be worried about souveneirs 😅 ).
Highly recomended, 5* event, specially for those that loooove this season!

Here is a quick video and few pictures of this year Enchanted Woodland! Enjoy 😊

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